Guilford Greys

  Co. B, 27th North Carolina Troops

14th U.S. Regulars Buried In Gettysburg National Cemetery

"In this action [in the Wheatfield on July 2] the regulars sustained severe losses, but gave ample evidence of the fighting qualities, discipline, and steadiness under fire which made them the pattern and admiration of the entire army."

Lt. Colonel William F. Fox, 107th NY Volunteer Infantry, New York's Official Historian of the Battle

To provide an appropriate final resting place for the Union soldiers who died at Gettysburg, the "Soldiers Cemetery" was established there on the battleground during the late summer and early fall of 1863. It was dedicated on November 19 of that year and was turned over to the U.S. Government upon completion in 1872.


Casualties for the United States Regular Infantry regiments at Gettysburg totaled 829: 124 killed, 660 wounded, and 45 missing.  The 14th Regiment sustained 18 killed, 110 wounded and 4 missing. Markers in the cemetery indicate there are 14 bodies identified as members of the 14th U.S. Regular Infantry Regiment among the 138 U.S. Regulars interred in the cemetery. These 14 men are listed at the right.


The Gettysburg National Cemetery today is the final resting place for American veterans from each of America's major wars and conflicts. The cemetery is closed to new burials.

BERCHARD, Frank - Co. C - The marker in the cemetery indicates Frank Berchard was in the 14th U.S. Regulars. The regimental roster does not have him listed, however, in any of the rosters of U.S. Regulars. - The marker is located in Section B.


CARROLL, M. - Co. H - This could possibly be Pvt. Martin Carroll, who served in Companies B & D or  Michael Carroll of Company E. There is not a listing on the roster of Company H for an M. Carroll. - Located in Section B.


EAGIN, James - Pvt., Co. D - The surname is misspelled as "Agin" on the stone in the cemetery. The correct spelling is Eagin.  - Located in Section C.


HAMMOND, William D. - Pvt., Cos. H, F, C - Pvt. Hammond is listed as serving in companies H, F, and C. - Located in Section A.


HOWARD, Edmund W. - Cos. H, G - Edmund Howard served in companies H & G. - Located in Section D.


JAMESON, Milles - Cpl., Co. G - Corporal Jameson's first name is misspelled on the stone. He served in companies G & H. - Located in Section B.


LUTZ, J. - Co. E - There was no one with this name listed on the roster of the 14th U.S. Regulars. There is a Jacob Lutz listed in the "US Army (Regular Army)" on the National Park Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System. It is also possible the last name is misspelled on the stone. There was a J. Luke in Co. B of the 14th. - This stone is located in Section A.

MULLIGAN, T. H. - Pvt., Co. A - This is Thos. H. Mulligan. - Located in Section A.

MURRAY, Thomas - Co. E - There are two Thomas Murrays listed on the regimental roster. One served in Co. E, rank not indicated. The second was a Private and served in companies E & F. It may or may not be the same person. - Located in Section A.


ROVEY, F. - Co. C - No one named Rovey is listed on the roster of the 14th U.S. Regulars. Nor does a likely match show up n the National Park Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System. - The marker is located in Section D.  


SCHMIDT, Charles - Co. E - There is not a Charles Schmidt listed on the roster of the regiment. There is a Henri and a Joseph Schmidt listed on the roster of Co. E. It is also possible that the regiment is listed incorrectly on the stone, as there was a Charles Schmidt in the 12th U.S. Regulars. - Located in Section C.


SHEETS, T. E. - Pvt., Co. G - This is Thomas E. Sheets. - Located in Section A.


WAY, Benjamin - Co. A - There is not a Benjamin Way listed on the roster of Co. A, but there is a Pvt. Sidney Way. There is also a George Way listed on the regimental roster as a "recruit", company not indicated. Located in Section B.


WOODS, Playford - Pvt., Cos. B, C - Playford was 22 or 23 years old at the time of the battle. He was from Mercer County, Pennsylvania. - Located in Section B.

Gettysburg Casualties - U.S. Regular Infantry *

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Total Casualties

* Extracted from Timothy J. Reese

Sykes' Regular Infantry Division, 1861-1864

Appendix E. Regimental Casualties, Pages 403-406