Guilford Greys

  Co. B, 27th North Carolina Troops

For the purposes of insurance coverage, the Schedule of Events listed on this webpage constitutes the official schedule for the Guilford Greys / 14th U.S. Regulars. Assume that any event (reenactment, living history or other event) not listed on this calendar is not covered by our insurance.

Company Events

The following events marked with (GG Max) are Guilford Greys Maximum Effort events voted on by the membership of the Greys at our company meeting on January 25.

Events marked with (INT) are events that received interest at our meeting, but insufficient votes to be designated "max effort".

Both designations are highlighted to distinguish them as events in which our members expressed interest.

Battalion Events

Those with a (B) are events voted on as “max effort” events by the 1st NC Battalion/4th Regiment at our regimental meeting on January 4. 

Events with an (R) are events not receiving enough votes to qualify as max effort at the Battalion meeting and were designated as “regional”.

Division Events

Events marked with an (A) are ANV maximum effort events approved at the yearly meeting of the 1st Division ANV in November 2019.

Please Note 

  1. Local living histories, memorial services and parades listed here are not marked as (GG) or (INT) at this point. The event dates are, however,  highlighted in red. As the event draws nearer and organizers can provide information, those details will be sent out to our members.
    2. Additional details and registration information for the Guilford Greys “Max Effort” and “Interested” events will also be going out prior to those events.

2021 Calendar of Events - Guilford Greys / 14th U.S. Regulars 

Notes on 2021 events listed below:
  • The following list of events is not complete and is subject to change as events and situations are affected by Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Events may be added to the list as restrictions ease and event hosts are able to schedule their usual annual reenactments and living histories.

February 20-21 - Battle of Aiken, Aiken, South Carolina. We will register Confederate but take both uniforms.
Event website:


March 5-7 - 20th annual "Battle for Broxton Bridge" at Broxton Plantation, Ehrhardt, South Carolina. We will register as Confederate, but take both uniforms in case there is a need to galvanize. 

Event website:

April 17-18 - Daniel Lady Farm, Gettysburg, PA -- Battle of 1st Manassas - Confederate - The Daniel Lady Farm is located in Gettysburg, east of the larger battlefield off of Hanover Street, and owned by the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association.
No Events Scheduled
June 5-6 -- Fort Pocahontas - Federal - Reenactment at Charles City, VA.
Event website:

June 25-27 - Sharpsburg NPS Program  - Confederate - A living history program.  Camping behind the Dunker Church with drill demonstrations daily.

July 3-4 - Daniel Lady Farm, Gettysburg, PA -- Battle of Gettysburg - Confederate - The Daniel Lady Farm is located in Gettysburg, east of the larger battlefield off of Hanover Street, and owned by the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association.
August 14-15 -- Annual Gettysburg NPS Program - Confederate - Living history portraying the life of a NC soldier at the Battle of Gettysburg. Battalion maximum effort event.

September 18-19 -- Bost Grist Mill Annual reenactment event at Bost Grist Mill, Concord, NC.

October 1-3 -- Ararat, VA -- Federal - Annual event on site of JEB Stuart's birthplace in Ararat, Virginia. Saturday and Sunday spectator battles.  Additional details coming soon.
October 16-17 -- Cedar Creek - Annual event on original battlefield outside of Middleburg VA. - Confederate
November 6-7 -- Fort Branch - Annual event on original site of Fort Branch. Saturday morning tactical and a spectator battle each day. Impression to be determined. 

No Events Scheduled