Chancelloresville - Prelude to Gettysburg Chancelloresville - Prelude to Gettysburg Union Headquarters The Latta plantation house played the role of the the Chancellor House during the weekend. The Chancellor house served as Union General Joseph Hooker's headquarters during the 1863 battle. 205129923 Cavalry Horses There was some cavalry present . . . 205131814 Confederate Infantryman . . . and of course infantry. This is one of ours. 205131772 Schoolhouse We were told that the log cabin housing the schoolhouse at Latta is the oldest remaining log cabin in the county. 205129919 Soldiers' shelter It provided shelter to some of the Guilford Greys during the weekend. 205129918 Confederate Campsite Ours was one of several Confederate camps that weekend. 205129920 Another View Our camp from another angle. 205129921 Treeline A view of the campsite and schoolhouse along the treeline from a distance. 205129927 Union Headquarters The Union army was encamped around the Latta house, seen here in the distance. 205129925 Union Camp One of the Union campsites. 205129926 Log Out Building One of the many out buildings at Latta. 205129922 Brick Building Another outbuilding around the main house. 205129924 Cavalry Union cavalry horses, in color this time. 205129930