Co. B, 27th North Carolina Troops

Guilford Greys / 14th U.S. Regulars 2018 Calendar of Events

"The Guilford Greys, on Friday night, April 18th, 1861, left Greensboro for Fort Macon. Thus the Rubicon was crossed; thus did North Carolina find herself in armed conflict with the United States; and thus were the Guilford Grays precipitated in the contest in which they were to suffer and endure for four long years."-- Captain John A. Sloan, Reminiscences of the Guilford Grays, Co. B, 27th N. C. Regiment

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NOTE: For the purposes of insurance coverage, the Schedule of Events listed on this webpage constitutes the official schedule for the Guilford Greys / 14th U.S. Regulars. Assume that any event (reenactment, living history or other event) not listed on this calendar is not covered by our insurance.

Listings preceded by "++" are Guilford Greys / 14th US "max effort" events. We will be Confederate at all events unless designated "Federal" or "Both" (bring both uniforms) beside an event's listing. 

Battalion events are followed by a "(B)" and ANV events by "(ANV)". An "(R)" indicates a Regional event.

Sat. 10/18
Sun. 10/19
All day 150th Cedar Creek

Battalion Max Effort 


Fri. 10/31
Sun. 11/2
All day Fort Branch

Guilford Greys “Maximum Effort”;  Battalion Max Effort


Sat. 11/8 9:00 AM "History of the American Soldier"

Guilford Greys “Maximum Effort” - FEDERAL

Veteran’s Day “History of the American Soldier” Living History – Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

Park Website

Sun. 12/7 2:00 PM Jamestown Christmas Parade

Annual Jamestown Christmas Parade

Additional details closer to event date

Fri. 1/16
Sun. 1/18
All day Fort Fisher

1st NC Battalion website for additonal information

Sat. 1/24 6:00 PM Guilford Greys Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting at Tex & Shirley's Restuarant,  Friendly Center, Greensboro, NC

Dinner at 6:00 (order from menu) followed by meeting

Fri. 2/6
Sun. 2/8
All day Forks Road

Battle of Forks Road on the grounds of Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC 

Info at:

Fri. 2/13
Sun. 2/15
All day Fort Anderson

Battle scenarios on both days, evening lantern tours, and guided tours of the normally inaccessible Northern Battery (Battery A).

$10.00 per registrant.

Registration closes 01-31-2015

Fri. 3/20
Sun. 3/22
2:00 PM
3:00 PM
150th Bentonville (F)

Friends of Bentonville Battlefield for more information

Registration closes 01-31-2015

Fri. 4/10
Sun. 4/12
All day Appomattox

150th Appomattox

Details to follow

Fri. 4/24
Sun. 4/26
All day Battle of Plymouth - FEDERAL - (GG) Plymouth Living History Weekend Two battle reenactments, a period tea party, the Torchlight Tour, period music and fashion, as well as some new elements to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Plymouth Living History Weekend Registration is $1... more
Sat. 4/25
Sun. 4/26
All day Bennett Place - (F) (Federal)

150th Bennett Place surrender. First Regiment will be Federal.

Fri. 5/8 6:00 PM Confederate Memorial Service (GG)

Confederate Memorial Day Service - Green Hill Cemetery, Greensboro, NC - Form up at 6:00 PM, Service begins at 6:30 PM

Note the date is May 8 since Confederate Memorial Day (May 10) falls on Mothers' Day this year.

Thu. 5/14
Sun. 5/17
All day Spring Gettysburg Monument Trip With the Chapman Society Military Roundtable Website: The Roundtable participates in the National Park Service's "Adopt-A-Position" program and travels to Gettysburg twice a year to maintain the grounds around twelve... more
Sun. 5/24 2:00 PM Jamestown Memorial Day Parade

Form up at the Jamestown Town Hall between 2:15 and 2:30 (same place we form for the Christmas Parade). The parade begins at 3:00PM.

Sat. 6/6
Sun. 6/7
All day Latta Plantation

Latta Plantation Reenactment

Fri. 6/12
Sun. 6/14
All day Old Bedford Village (A)

Old Bedford Village, Bedford, PA.

ANV Max effort event.

Fri. 6/26
Sun. 6/28
7:00 PM
8:00 PM
New Hope Valley Depot (GG)(F)

New Hope Valley Train Depot at New Hill, NC, south of Raleigh.


NOTE: Location address here is for museum parking lot and will be updated as additional event information is received.

Sat. 7/25 4:00 PM Guilford Greys Family Night

Date and details are confirmed. RSVP and sign up for a side. $5 per member with a $20 family maximum. Keep an eye on your email for sign-up information and additional details.

Fri. 8/7
Sun. 8/9
8:00 PM
9:00 PM
Gettysburg Living History (F)

Gettysburg NPS Living History

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