Guilford Greys

  Co. B, 27th North Carolina Troops

The Guilford Greys were reactivated in the year 2000. We portray a mid-war and late-war image of a Confederate infantry company in the 27th North Carolina Regiment, Cooke's Brigade, Heth's Division, Army of Northern Virginia, General Robert E. Lee commanding.


The Guilford Greys have been a member of the 4th Regiment (1st N.C. Battalion) of the 1st Division, Army of Northern Virginia since 2002.

Our Federal impression is the 14th U.S. Regular Infantry Regiment, Second (Sykes) Division, Fifth Corps, Army of the Potomac. 


Why a Federal impression, too?  For those who wish to portray both sides in the reenacting hobby, the Guilford Greys have reactivated the 14th U. S. Infantry Regiment. Through this effort, members can portray a Federal impression as well as Confederate. In the hobby, this dual portrayal is known as "Galvanizing". The ability to galvanize helps to ensure an accurate and correct presentation during battle reenactments and living histories of the struggles of the War Between the States.

Photo Above: Captain John A. Sloan of the Guilford Greys, in a post-war photo taken around 1870.

"We entered the service in the bloom of youthful vigor and hope, with cheerful step and willing heart, leaving happy homes in peace and prosperity behind. We took the field for a principle as sacred as ever led a hero to the cannon's mouth, or a martyr to the place of execution."

"This principle was honor and patriotism; a firm determination to defend to the last that constitution which our fathers had handed down and taught us to revere as the only safeguard of our personal rights and liberties." 

John A. Sloan
Reminiscences of the Guilford Grays
Co. B, 27th N. C. Regiment

"In parting with troops so tried, in all of whose achievements the Major General Comdg. has been associated, and by whose valor his promotion has been won, he feels a sorrow that cannot be expressed. For your welfare and happiness the General offers his sincerest wishes. Your future career will be watched by him with the deepest solicitude.


"MEN OF THE REGULAR DIVISION: You have a record second to none in the annals of the Army of the Potomac, and, in the recollections growing out of the hardships, dangers, sufferings, disasters, successes and glories of the past eighteen months, let each heart be nerved anew to strengthen the reputation already acquired, and whenever called upon to serve, to uphold the majesty of the Union, the Constitution and the Law."

Major General George Sykes

August 14th, 1863

General Order No. 34

Photo Above: Major General George Sykes, commander,
 2nd Division, 5th Corps.
 (U.S. Army Military History Institute)