Co. B, 27th North Carolina Troops

Guilford Greys / 14th U.S. Regulars 2017 Calendar of Events

"The Guilford Greys, on Friday night, April 18th, 1861, left Greensboro for Fort Macon. Thus the Rubicon was crossed; thus did North Carolina find herself in armed conflict with the United States; and thus were the Guilford Grays precipitated in the contest in which they were to suffer and endure for four long years."-- Captain John A. Sloan, Reminiscences of the Guilford Grays, Co. B, 27th N. C. Regiment

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All Day Latta Plantation
Annual Civil War battle reenactment with a battle at 2:00 PM Saturday and Sunday. Also live lectures and talks, demonstrations, primitive living exhibits, living history farm, food vendors, suttlers, and more! Website: http://www.lattaplantation.or... more
All Day 154th Gettysburg (R) (ANV)

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